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Asian Center for Development offers certificate programs to help aspiring and current teaching professionals/entrepreneurs in Japan remain competitive. Certificates offer proof of concentrated and specialized study and one's professional eligibility.  Explore below to find the certificate program that’s right for you.


120-Hour Certificate in TESOL with TEYL

Teach English in Japan!

INTESOL ACeD is an INTESOL Sub-Franchise owned and operated under License by Asian Center for Development. 

Banking on the expertise of INTESOL in this field and the accreditation standards of ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals) in the United Kingdom, you are assured that you will be fully equipped with all the skills that are in high demand by TESOL employers. You will learn the best ways to make your lessons enjoyable and worthwhile, ensuring your student’s experience is a rewarding one.

This program* includes:


*All trainings are done online with real-time face-to-face interaction with qualified mentors/coaches.


A letter of recommendation from Asian Center for Development to prospective employers, if requested



No prior teaching experience or qualifications are required. Knowledge in the English language, determination and willingness to learn are all you need.


Course Aims

The overall aim of the 120-hour Certificate in TESOL with TEYL is to provide a sound introduction to TESOL and prepare you for teaching in the real world.


The 120-hour TESOL with TEYL course contains units on teaching English, with additional focus on young learners. This knowledge will not only be invaluable to you when you begin teaching, it also means you’ll be able to demonstrate specific skills that are in high demand by TESOL employers. We’ll make sure you stand out from the rest!


INTESOL Worldwide has been training teachers of EFL/ESOL for about three decades and is well known and respected in the TEFL/TESOL industry. This means your TESOL certification will be instantly recognized internationally as being of excellent quality.


The 120-hour TESOL with TEYL is externally accredited, meaning the content and teaching methods have been scrutinized externally to meet and exceed industry standards. This means you can be sure you’ll participate in a fruitful and professional learning experience.


Your main mentors/coaches are all experienced teachers trainers  holding master's degrees and Certificate in TESOL as minimum qualifications. They will offer you all the support and feedback you will need so you can achieve your full potential.

 EIKEN Certificate Programs

In cooperation with A.K.A. English School, we offer three (3) courses of EIKEN Certificate Programs that focus on how to effectively teach all the seven (7) EIKEN Grades within the context of Japanese learning environment. These courses will discuss level-specific teaching frameworks, techniques and strategies. Furthermore, those who will successfully finish all three courses can request for a special Certificate of Eligibility [にん·てい·しょう) to showcase their competence.

Course Fees Inclusions

Course Fees include: tax, access to regular online sessions; two (2) to three (3) pre-selected EIKEN books, one for each grade or pre-grade; two (2) Certificates of Completion, in English and Japanese; Japanese standard certificate folder; shipping fees books and certificates. 

 TOEIC Certification Program


ACeD offers teaching professionals in Japan the opportunity to be certified to teach TOEIC. Japan is one of TOEIC’s largest markets with annual test takers now at a staggering 2.3 million every year, as more and more companies require their employees and prospective job applicants/university students to show proof of their English proficiency. It is therefore imperative for teaching professionals in Japan to teach test-taking skills to capture a significant portion of the Japanese market. 

In this course, you will learn:

Course Fees Inclusions

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