ACeD Academic Starter Kit 

Your ACeD Academic Starter Kit has all the basic educational tools and solutions you will ever need to jumpstart your teaching career in Japan.

If you are an aspiring English language teacher, English school owners in Japan or a parent helping your kids improve their English communication skills, these tools and solutions are right for you! ASK ACeD is based on solid teaching methodologies that can help you in your homeschools or in your ESL classrooms. Use ASK ACeD to help and guide your students or your children in their preparation for EIKEN or TOEIC/IELTS speaking tests or in your everyday conversation classes (EIKAIWA).

Made by Teachers. For Teachers, Parents, and School Owners.

"ASK ACeD has everything I need!"

"I am a big fan! I love that [ACeD Academic Starter Kit] has everything that I need to plan and deliver my lessons. It allows me to focus on connecting with my students."- ASK ACeD Patron (Yokohama, Japan). 

"I see lots of possibilities!"

"I sometimes run out of ideas. But with the help of AICA [ACeD Intelligent Cards], I see lots of possibilities! It helps me plan my lesson and present the target language." - ASK ACeD Patron (Chiba, Japan)

"Teaching Grammar has become less intimidating!"

"Teaching grammar has always been my waterloo. But with my ACeD  Grammar Timeline Cards, teaching grammar has become less intimidating.  The sample sentences, timelines, and explanations are lifesavers!" - ACeD Patron (Osaka, Japan)

"I have started teaching confidently because of ASK ACeD."

"As an ALT (assistant language teacher), I am always on the go. With ASK ACeD, I am confident that I can bring with me all the things I need to teach effectively and confidently." - ACeD Patron (Tokyo, Japan) 

Teaching Made Easy.

Preparing for and delivering a lesson should not be very difficult. With the right training, the right tools suitable for your Japanese learners and the easy-to-bring and accessible grammar reference, you will be confident to start your teaching careers anywhere in Japan. 

Live/Video Training + Training Certificate

Training Videos and Live SessionsThis is the only academic starter kit that comes with free live trainings and lifetime access to multiple online training videos. You can access them anywhere, any time. You dictate your own pace. And our goal is to really guide users every step of the way. Attend teaching workshops for FREE, exclusive to ASK ACeD patrons.
ACeD Printed Training CertificateGet a printed certificate on "Teaching English to Young and Adult Learners in Japan: The ACeD Way" and make your resume more appealing.


YSSG book is a game-changer. Learn how to instantly increase the student talking time in your ESL classrooms. This second edition has 12 ready-to-use templates. You can use these tools to improve your own communication skills or to help your children or your students engage in meaningful speaking practice at home or in the classrooms. Use your YSSG in every class and see the difference.

ACeD Intelligent Cards (AICA)

Our ready-to-use visual aids + teacher script, AICA is composed of two sets of visual aids with teacher script and lesson plans for both young and adult learners. All you need to do is to use AICA as visual aids for your students or your own children to engage them in a meaningful discussion. Use as a valuable resource for both physical and online classrooms.

Grammar Timeline Cards

Each of the 12 grammar tenses is explained and fully illustrated with timelines in easy to carry cards. Plus, you can teach, and review grammar lessons  anywhere using a handy whiteboard - your perfect portable teaching station. Teach anywhere without the stress.

ACeD Portfolio & Miki Line Journal

ACeD PortfolioThe ACeD Portfolio is a functional, well-crafted tool especially designed for teachers on-the go. It holds everything you need to plan your lessons or your days just about anywhere. It's definitely a confidence booster!
MIKI Line JournalDiscover the power of lines. MIKI Line Journal (MLJ) is not your ordinary journal. It has lesson plan templates, worksheets, and grammar reference notes. And these are the only journals that come with free MLJ Training Videos. Use MLJ as your lesson plan templates or as an educational journal. 

Teach the ACeD Way

Teaching the ACeD Way is teaching from the heart. Your ACeD Academic Starter Kit (#ASKACeD) includes seven (7) training videos to help you jumpstart your English teaching career. 

Connect with us if you wish to have your very own #ASKACeD for personal use or as a gift to a friend. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the ACeD Academic Starter Kit (ASK ACeD)?

Get all the above, be an ASK ACeD patron and enjoy the benefits for only ¥22,000. 

I want to get my ASK ACeD right away, how do I buy?

Fantastic! We can ship to anywhere in Japan. Send us a PM or an email ( and you will receive details for the next steps and the receive your package A.S.A.P.

How soon can I attend the FREE teaching workshops for ASK ACeD Patrons?

Each Academic Starter Kit has all the basic educational tools and solutions you need to jumpstart your teaching careers in Japan. It comes with multiple training videos. And the best part is that it gives you access to ALL ASK-ACeD live trainings for FREE. A minimum of four (4) live trainings are conducted every year. 

What topics are discussed in the recorded videos?

ASK ACeD comes with seven (7) Training videos on Teaching English: The ACeD Way. 

The topics are divided into two sections: 1) The Miki Line Journal (MLJ) Training videos; and,  2) The ASK Training Videos. 

For MLJ Videos, the topics are: 1) Build Your Brand; 2) Develop Your Lesson Planning Skills; and, Teach The ACeD Way. 

On the other hand, ASK Videos cover the following topics: 1) How To Teach English in Japan; 2) S.T.T. Boosting Techniques; 3) Teaching Made Easy with AICA; 4) Teaching Grammar the ACeD Way. 

Plus a bonus "Thank You Stories" video to motivate you.