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Asian Center for Development (ACeD) is an organization based in Japan that equips and empowers Asian communities in the country and in the region. It offers Remote Training Solutions (RTS) for professional development, training, and instruction to educators and education entrepreneurs through our customized one-on-one or group coaching services and through our core certificate and non-certificate programs developed in cooperation with reputable local and international organizations.

Our expert-level learning system facilitates our students' career and professional growth and helps them reach their full potential in life. Trainers in our institution have the relevant educational background, solid experience and meaningful network. Most of all, they are committed to seeing all students succeed.

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Business Alliances

Working with world-class organizations is very important to us as we run our business and continuously build our knowledge about services that could help our communities. We aim to fully equip our students with the latest and the most relevant strategies and highly-marketable skills as educational professionals. ACeD strives to provide the best platforms and the most meaningful environment, in cooperation with these local and international organizations.





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Your Team



Operations / Trainer

Pido holds an MBA from Waseda University and is a Philippine registered CPA, with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Accountancy. With a solid experience as a University instructor, cross-cultural business trainer, and as a business leader in a Japanese organization dealing with international projects, he provides strategic direction for ACeD.



Course Director / Trainer

Avic holds an M.S. in Economics degree from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo. She worked as a Policy Officer at a Government think tank in the Philippines. In Japan, she is an education entrepreneur empowering Asian communities. She has devoted 15 years mastering cross-cultural communication and language acquisition, targeting the Japanese market.



Marketing Specialist

Marilyn is a school owner in Tokyo, delivering classroom and online-based lessons to Japanese learners. She is a certified TESOL, TOEIC and EIKEN teacher. Fluent in Japanese, English and Filipino, she manages the operations of general admission and enrollment services for ACeD. She plays an integral role in ensuring student success and engagement.

About Us

Asian Center for Development (ACeD) is a registered kojin jigyo in Japan.

ACeD works in cooperation with local and international organizations to bring you world-class training programs.

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Asian Center for Development

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