ACeD offerings in 2022

Asian Center for Development is in the business of providing Remote Training Solutions (RTS) to give you the skills you need, the tools you can use and the community you can belong to in order for all of us to grow. #GrowWithACeD

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This 2022, we have several classes and coaching programs to help you get that job, feel more confident as you do your job and build your own schools and to find new meaning as we all navigate the overwhelming demands of a life in the middle of a pandemic.

1. 120-hour TESOL Certification Program with INTESOL-Japan, INTESOL Worldwide, ALAP (The United Kingdom)

a. Tuesday and Thursday, 8-10 pm

b. Saturday and Sunday, 8-10 pm

c. New schedule of classes to be announced soon

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2. EIKEN and TOEIC Certification Program with A.K.A. Core Certificate Programs (with a Japanese and English Certificate and Ninteisho)

a. EIKEN Junior (Bronze, Silver and Gold)

b. Beginner EIKEN (Grade 5 and 4)

c. Intermediate EIKEN (Grade 3, Pre-2 and Grade 2)

d. Advanced EIKEN (Pre-1 and Grade 1)

e. TOEIC (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

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3. Certificate in Teaching Elementary Students in Japan (Lesson Planning and Delivery, using books used in a Japanese public school)

a. Grade 3

b. Grade 4

c. Grade 5

d. Grade 6

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4. English Grammar Boot Camp

Every Saturday Morning, 10 am to 12 noon

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5. BOOST (Build Your Own Online School and Teach in Japan)

Monday 8 to 10 pm

*Offering special programs on Accounting and Finance for Beginners and School Owners soon!

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6. ACeD Speaks International

  • Conducts 12-20 VIP Meetings/Public Speaking Workshops every year

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7. ACeD Conference

  • Conference on Effective Teaching Strategies for EIKEN conducted several times a year.

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Seasonal offerings in collaboration with experts and partner organizations:

a. Special Education Program

b. CREATE (Educational Technologies and Digital Tools)

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9. VIP Coaching

  • One on One Coaching Sessions that can be booked anytime

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10. Free Trainings and Workshops

Trainings and Workshops that are free-of-charge are given all throughout the year. We also give our conference participants tools such a speaking skills guide and digital handbook, all for free.

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If you are interested to join our growing ACeD community, please send us a message through ACeD email ( or messenger. You may also contact Marilyn Gillaco, Marketing Specialist, and Avic Tatlonghari, Program Director, on Messenger.